What is Trylon?

Trylon is a computer language. It is basically a cross between Python and Smalltalk. It uses indentation for program structure, like Python, and it uses Smalltalk's expression syntax (but with precedence). Its objects are dynamically typed, but its programs are statically compiled (via C).

What does it look like?

A simple "Hello World":

trylon hello-world
main: arguments
send: "Hello world!"

A more object-oriented "Hello World":

trylon hello-world
class Hailer
field whom
create: whom
this whom = whom
send: ("Hello, ", whom, "!")
main: arguments
hailer = Hailer new: "world"
hailer hail
What is Trylon 3?

Trylon 1 combined Python and Smalltalk; Trylon 2 unified classes and prototypes. Trylon 3 has a rewritten parser (for a more polyglot future), can be used as a scripting language (x86-32 only), and has a more regular and performant object system.

Getting Trylon

Dependencies: The "boehm" garbage collector and a C compiler (GCC and Clang are known to work, TCC doesn't).

Getting the latest version of Trylon 3:

git clone git://
cd trylon
git checkout with-c-sources

Switch back to the "master" branch for the latest development.

Trylon 3 is still in development and hasn't been released as a tarball yet. There is a Trylon 2 tarball.